Poster Design: Kỉ Niệm

Poster Design: Kỉ Niệm

Poster Challenge: Dec 12, 2023


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Thought Process (Perplexing Cognition Alert)

So, a quick update is that I missed day 4 since I was coming back to Ho Chi Minh City from my hometown & got super exhausted (not a good excuse btw 🙃).

Anyway, from this painful mistake, I have learned quite some important lessons I would to share with you guys, especially those who are doing/plan to do daily design challenges:

  1. Showing up >>>>>>>> Perfectionism:
    I can't stress how important it is for you to let your fear of not getting things right go. The key point of a daily challenge is for you to show your commitment to honing your skills. Your posters are not supposed to be complete artwork.

  2. Setting a set time of the day to do the challenge:
    Make it a habit, an enjoyable one. Associate it with other activities you personally enjoy, such as: making your favorite drinks before the session, giving yourself a good treat after the session, etc.

    Wish everyone who is doing the challenge makes it out of this hell successfully 😘.