Poster Design: Quốc Khang

Poster Design: Quốc Khang


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Thought Process

Nothing related to Design Challenge but this was a work I did for my homework of redesigning a street poster/banner (reference banner).

I was quite proud of the way I tried to play around with the composition & layout even though I did wish I had had better tool skills to encompass everything I imagined my poster to be.

Stepping into 2024, I wish to have more faith and courage to learn, which means:

  • to accept challenges

  • to make mistakes

  • to fail

  • to connect

  • to lead

  • and finally, to conquer

The tarot guy said Imma be big this year, let's see whether he meant literally or figuratively (or maybe both lol :)).

Anyway, ending Design Foundation with a sweet note. I did what I could, unlocking bits of potential here and there, regretting not making it more extravagant, but still managing to submit things on time :) (which matters the most btw).

Giving Hani a pad on her shoulder for bold decisions in 2023. Looking forward to making more fun stuff with old/new friends in 2024.