Poster Design: There's No Better Time Than Now

Poster Design: There's No Better Time Than Now

Poster Challenge: Dec 29, 2023


2 min read

Thought Process

Throughout my whole life, I have always been someone crazy about perfectionism.

Everything I do requires utmost calculation & plan, or else I would rather not do them to avoid failure.

Then once I have the guts to walk out of the bubble & start treating life more like a journey full of experiments, I later drown myself in my own criticism for not choosing well-calculated paths.

I still remember that time when I was about to leave Japan to pursue a new career path, I had this cafe chat with a friend. They asked a funny question (properly out of pure care and concern for a friend): "What if you regret it later? What if 2 years later you feel like you fall behind people around you, for changing your path after you've already finished a degree?"

At that time, I could not deliver a proper answer to that question, maybe even now, I am still not very sure how I'm gonna answer that.

All I can say is that time is such a relative concept & I have grown into a belief that there's no such thing called past & future*. The perfect moment is just now because we are living in it, and how about we do something that resonates with our current self the most?

I always find time such a fascinating topic, which was also why I chose a planet with longitude & latitude running around. Tremendous points on our planet experience a different time, so is there even a fixed standard on how time should be viewed?


Poster made with mostly Illustrator. I did a lot of experiments with effects this time to see how it's gonna turn out. Well, I would say I'm pretty proud of the result myself.


*For those who are interested in the existence of past & future, here is a good read for you: